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Four inch square, handmade ceramic tile coaster

Starting at $7 a piece or a set of 4 for $25, these handmade coasters make a fun and thoughtful gift. I back each tile with cork and a location label, and use reclaimed tiles when I can.

Handmade Ceramic Coasters


Any of the images to the right can be made into a beautiful coaster. Just note the title at the bottom and let me know which ones you want to order. How you see the images here is how they will be cropped.

OC Elevator in color
OC Elevator in B&W
OC Old Bridge
OC Sunset
OC Sunset B&W
OC Mt Hood and Falls color
OC Mt Hood B&W
OC Promenade color
OC Promenade B&W
OC Under New Bridge
OC Carnegie Fall
OC Elevator
Falls and WL mill
OC Stairs
Carnegie at Night
OC Clackamas River
OC Waterfall
OC Tunnel
OC Carnegie.jpg
Timbers Rain
Timbers Seattle Tifo
Timbers MLS Cup
Timbers Legends
Timbers Cup Tifo
Timbers Victory Log (2)
Team Beer color (2)
Portland dowtown B&W.jpg
Night Class.jpg
St Johns Spring (3)
St Johns Bridge (2)
St Johns (2)
St Johns Cathedral Park (2)
Portland sign (2)
Pdx Man (3)
Pdx skyline sepia.jpg
Bill's Mt Hood.jpg
Mt Hood Mom's.jpg
Mt Hood Skiing with Cheri.jpg
Jenny's Mt Hood.jpg
Hood Sunrise.jpg
Phil's Hood (2)
Mt Hood Sunset.jpg
Pacific City Sunset 2.jpg
Pacific City bikes.jpg
Pacific City bikes 2.jpg
Lincoln city.jpg
Heceta Head b&w (2)
Heceta Head trail (2)
Neskowin (2)
Newport B&W.jpg
Newport Color (2)
Heceta Head.jpg
Fort Stevens (2)
Government Island (2)
Long Beach Sunset (2)
Cape Disappointment Color.jpg
Cape Disappointment B&W.jpg
Multnomah Falls
Crater Lake.jpg
John Day.jpg
Smith Rock (2)
Under Silver Falls (2)
Silver Falls (2)
Tygh Valley.jpg
John Day
Collawash color.jpg
Boardman 2 (2)
McKenzie River Trail
Wine glasses (2)
Wine Barrels.jpg
Wine Barrels b&w (2)
Wine Grapes (2)
Wine Grapes 2 (2)
Sokol Blosser Wine.jpg
Beer Sign (2)
Amy's visit color (2)
Amy's visit.jpg
Dilley (2)
Beer Barrels (3)
Fall Driveway.jpg
Red Driveway.jpg
Fall Tree.jpg
Barlow Trail.jpg
Starvation Creek (2)
ZigZag Summer.jpg
ZigZag Winter.jpg
Hawaiian Surfer (2)
Love Love Love.jpg
Labor Day Hike.jpg
Summer Snowflake.jpg
Phil's Turtle (2)
Palm Tree (2)
Fountain Rocks (2)
Lone Red Tulip.jpg
Labor Day Lodge (2)
Bleeding Hearts.jpg
Red Leaves (2)
Hazy Cyclist.jpg
Oregon Garden.jpg
Nola Bike (2)
Bike Rocker (3)
Space Needle (2)
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